Decorating that reflects your
We have been fortunate to work with so many wonderful people throughout the
years we've been in business. The relationship with our clients is very important
to us. We hope to make each client's space into one that truly reflects his or her

Here are some comments past and current clients have made about working with

Verna Hill

"Terri is, as far as I'm concerned, the best. She let me keep my house to my
personality but kept me from making mistakes. As the result of working with her
over the years, the pieces of furniture, colors, everything we've chosen, I still
love. That's important. She helped me to make the house look and feel so much
like a warm, cozy home.

"Howard [our window treatment installer] is such a perfectionist, so careful, so
aware of the beauty of the drapes. His work is impeccable."

Marie Slattery

"Terri always has so much patience to take the time to brainstorm ideas and
products and then we come to an agreement of something we both like. She
never comes in with a set package and plunks it down as a done deal. We’ve
collaborated and this process is what has made it a pleasure to work with her."

John Wustman

"I love the results very much. Your proposal and billing system are fair, honest
and efficient. I will never think unkindly about interior decorating again!"

Deana Dodds

"Terri knows what I need better than I do. The things she picks out are stunning."

Anita Gaston

"I have worked with Terri for years because of her attention to detail and the
quality of her work."

Barbara Allen

"We do love the results--our friends never fail to compliment us on the decor.
Terri did help us achieve our vision for the room.

"We had a good experience--certainly you were always available to answer
questions and always prompt in setting and making appointments."

Bernie Fitzgerald

"Love my draperies and valance!! The color is good. I did not realize how hot it
would be in the summer or cold in the winter on the west side, but my lining was a
good choice. I am so pleased!"


"I can't tell you how I appreciate you placing your knowledge and that of your
helpers at my disposal so that I would have the information for an intelligent
decision. You probably knew to start with that what I really want is impractical at
this point and that I wouldn't settle for less, yet you made room for my dreaming.
That's impressive."